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A Little Bit About Wagzone

Hi my name is Tomke and I am the owner of The Wagzone!

There is tons of information about dogs out there

but my goal with this page is to bring all this info

in one spot for all us dog lovers to enjoy and learn!

You will find Dog Nutrition and Training Tips as well

as interesting and new products that help you and your dog live a happy and healthy life together!

There will be links and reviews to new products out there that we

at the Wagzone have tried for you and think they are worth trying.

With our 3 Havanese Dante, Maya and Jade as the testers we are able to give you an unbiased review!

Enjoy the page! 

Jade, Maya and Dante the three Wagzone Havanese! You definetely get what you see with these three little Rascals! We love them to pieces!

As a breeder/dog walker/trainer and dog owner of small, medium and large breeds over the years I got my fair bit of experience with everything to do with dogs! I have tried so many products wether dog treats, leashes, dog beds, hemp oils, treats and the list goes on, a lot of times it was a waste of money as my dogs really did not like whatever I thought was an amazing product or it was cheaply made and just not worth the cost. I thought it would be so nice to have a website where all information dog owners are looking for is combined in one simple to navigate website. 

Well after years of hands on dog businesses I decided to create just that...an informative website for all Dog Lovers!

We take the guess work out of your purchases, we try, test and review and give you an honest opinion about the products. We also make sure you are always up to date on the newest gadgets out there! Don't miss out, SUBSCRIBE and get notified about NEWS on product and dog related INFO! 

Here we go! Hope you all enjoy the content! 


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